About China Strategies

Wide-Ranging China Capabilities

Over many years Louis Schwartz has represented Chinese and Western clients in corporate, banking, real estate and international trade matters, taught at the University level and lectured on China's economy, industry, law and language, provided business intelligence on various Chinese industries and translated/summarized Chinese language legal and commercial materials. Through Lou Schwartz, China Strategies, LLC offers a broad range of services for those interested in trade and investment with China, including the following:

Business Partners: Assess prospective business opportunities and identify, qualify and negotiate with prospective business partners.

Industry Specific Intelligence:
Provide periodic updates on developments in particular industries, focusing on various aspects of the industry useful to clients, such as market potential, competitors, output, capacity development, international trade and investment, regulatory matters and prospects (see, for example, the attached Chinese Aluminum Industry Update Series).

Macro-Economic Intelligence:
Provide periodic updates on developments in the Chinese economy, such as industrial and agricultural output, retail and producer prices, interest, tax and exchange rate changes, etc.

Developments in Chinese Law: Provide briefings on China's progress in developing the rule of law, the overall framework of Chinese law and legal developments affecting specific industries.

Represent clients in import/export trade with China, investments in China (wholly-foreign owned enterprises, joint ventures, non-operational investments, dispute resolution, etc..

Language Services:
Translation/Interpretation: Provide legal and industry specific translations and summaries of Chinese language letters, proposals, agreements, company information, etc.


Lou Schwartz, a lawyer and China specialist who is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, is president of China Strategies LLC. Through China Strategies, Lou provides clients research and analysis, due diligence, merger and acquisition, public and private equity investment and other support on a wide range of matters involving China’s legal system, economic development and trade and investment, with a particular emphasis on China’s burgeoning energy and metals sectors. Lou earned degrees in East Asian Studies from the University of Michigan and Harvard University where he studied Chinese language and literature, economics and law, among other disciplines. Lou also earned a J.D. from George Washington University Law School. For more than 10 years Lou has taught classes at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and its College of Arts and Sciences, including Law and Development in China, Chinese for Lawyers and Chinese Legal Documents. Lou has spoken widely on China's energy and environmental issues at such forums as the Wharton China Business Forum, the 2009 and 2010 ACORE RETECH Conferences and the ROTH Capital Partners China Conference. Lou has published extensively on China’s emerging renewable energy sector; the following are some recent articles Lou has published on developments in China’s renewable energy industry discussions of the electric car, wind power, the smart grid and alternative ethanol feedstock: The Future of the Electric Car ; China’s Wind Power Industry: Localizing Equipment Manufacturing ; China Fuels Ethanol Industry with Yams, Sweet Potatoes and Cassava; “Smart” Energy Management for China's Transmission Grid ; Beijing Olympics Show China’s Renewable Energy Aspirations ; China's Wind Power Industry: Blowing Past Expectations and The Emerging U.S.-China Strategic Alliance on Clean Energy. Lou can be reached at lou@chinastrategiesllc.com.